Pink Panty Dropper Drink Recipe

Float in order kahlua sloe gin top wHH or if you prefer you can mix ingredient. 1 shot of sloe gin.

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Combine all of the ingredients into.

Pink panty dropper drink recipe. In a BIG pitcher mix the 12 pack with the 3 cans of concentrate and 36 to 40 shots of Vodka. Pink Panty Dropper Drink Recipe. My choice obviously is Bud Light.

Other Versions of this Drink. The best recipe for a Pink Panty Dropper alcoholic mixed drink containing Beer Vodka and Pink lemonade. 18 shots and 6 beers to every 1 12 cans concentrate.

12 bottlecan beer cheaper the better here. Add ice and your ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake for approximately 30-45 seconds Add ice to a tall clear drinking glass and strain the mixture into your cocktail glass over ice or into a shot glass if you prefer a shot Add garnish if desired and include stir stick.

1 Shot of kahlua. San Francisco by Carol Nancy aka BunkieRon Carols ex the owner bartender. Includes mixing instructions and ingredients needed for Pink Panty Dropper.

Stir together and you have the best tasting most alcoholic drink possible. Concocted circa xmas 1974 in. 4 12 oz cans pink lemonade concentrate 1 half gallon 175 liters half g handle whatever you call it in your parts vodka Pour all ingredients into a.

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