How To Make Shiny Lines In Photoshop

How to Draw a 90-Degree Line in Photoshop. How to Draw a Curved Line in Photoshop Step 1.

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Create a horizontal line of your desired thickness.

How to make shiny lines in photoshop. Now let me show you how to draw a 90-degree line in Photoshop. Next what Im going to do is Im going to go to my path tool and Im just going to draw a couple of lines in the Photoshop document. Youll see a straight line connecting the two points you added.

Make sure youre still holding Shift throughout these steps. Discover the key dietary secrets that will enable you to lose weight feel great and lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes nowhttpwwwamazonco. In this video we replicate the yellow metallic circle in one of our advert designs.

With you basically have three choices. The use of the alt key simply tells Photoshop you. The Shift key is also useful here.

With new design techniques in graphic work an age old phenomena will never change that is making an attractive background on any visual art. 75 Cool Backgrounds Photoshop Images Tutorials for Graphic Artists. The black texture used can be gotten at ww.

Im going to start out by creating a new layer. Photoshop will straighten them for you. Use a Brush on a new empty layer and use click and shift click to trace lines exactly like the drawing or use a Brush on a new empty layer and use click and shift click to trace lines wider and cleaner that the drawing.

You can let go of Shift and press V on your keyboard if you want to move your line. It is done with Photoshop CS6. With proper art vector and texture pattern the whole artwork looks beautiful and I call that a cool backgrounds.

Photoshop does not have and auto trace like AI. You can continue holding Shift and clicking to add more anchor points for your line. Select the layer with your line and while holding down the alt or option key go to Edit - Free Transform or use the shortcut command altoption cmdctrl T.

And today Im going to show you how to create multicolored glowing lines in Photoshop. Hold Shift and start drawing to the left or right to draw a horizontal line and up or down to draw a vertical line. Kill the white background.

Im going to call this lines. Ill start by clicking and dragging.

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