Photoshop Cs6 Gif Tutorial Tumblr

Like reblog the post if you find it useful. In this adobe tutorial from softwaremedia kyle shows us how to make an animated gif in photoshop cs6 get photoshop cs6 for up to 14 off at softwaremedia co.

I Remade Gif Tutorial On Photoshop Cs6 Portable

I use photoshop cs6.

Photoshop cs6 gif tutorial tumblr. See a recent post on tumblr from rltoiek about photoshop cs6. Like reblog if this tutorial was helpful. Like reblog if this tutorial was helpful.

Please tag me in your tumblr creations d my url is in the video f a q i can t see the record button on vlc click on view advanced controls what s the sha. Go ahead and click on file import video frames to layers. Someone asked me to how i make my gifs so here i am.

This tutorial is super long i apologize. This tutorial is for beginners. People ask us daily which are the best fonts for subtitles.

First of course you ll need to know how to make a gif. Below you can see how they look. The settings i used for this tutorial probably won t work on a different scene but they are the steps layers that i use regularly so you can change up the settings if you like.

Here s a gif coloring tutorial for how i gif in cs6 because a lot of the tutorials i see are for cs5 i normally use cs5 but i made this tutorial for my friend who uses cs6. English is not my native language so if any part gives you feel free to ask i ll try my best to. Start to finish gif tutorialyou ll need.

Loading and cropping your frames. Before starting i wanna say i use adobe photoshop cs6 to make gifs and normally use avisynth for sizing cropping but since this is a basic tutorial i will use normal video. Photoshop cs6 for timeline but animation info included kmplayer this psd tutorial and sharpening action more once you have your video show movie etc.

Photoshop cs6 gif tutorial. I recommend calibri but arial and myriad pro are good choices too. I m using photoshop cs6 but this should work or sort of be similar with cs5 and cs4.

This is a fairly easy process and sharpening gifs should only take an extra 20 50 seconds while making your gifs. Discover more posts about photoshop cs6. This is just the steps that i made for this particular gif.

It s very detailed so i hope it helps but it assumes you ve already got caps screencaps of whatever you re giffing the beginning of this tutorial is how i take my caps with vlc. For this tutorial we ll be using tumblr s new dimensions as opposed to their old ones which you can find a guide to here. Set them all to bold and italic.

Once you open photoshop and everything has loaded properly it should look like this. It will probably be so long so bear with me.

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